CIRCA 1993

by Sean C. Johnson

When I was kid I loved reading comic books. The issues I enjoyed the most were the ones that told a heroes origin story. This album is my “origin story”. While I’m no hero, I do have a story to tell and my story was shaped by four events that all happened…in 1993.: 

* Death of my mother. 
* Falling in love with music. 
* Viewing pornographic material for the first time. 
* Giving my life to Christ. 

Each song on the album is told through the lens of these four events and give listeners a peak into what shaped me. 

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PART 1: "ALTHEA" - The passing of my mother, Althea Johnson (September 15, 1958 - February 7, 1993). "Althea" is Part 1 of a Short Film I made to highlight the four events that inspired CIRCA 1993.

PART 3: "Dominique" - First time I saw a pornographic movie. I wish I could erase the images I saw that night in 1993. What was on that tape forever changed me. I left that room with chains that took years to break.

PART 2: "Nothing But A 'G' Thang" - Year was 1993, Tampa, FL, summertime. That was when I fell in love with music. And there was one song in particular that ruled the airwaves and kept me glued to my television screen. 

PART 4: "Will There Be One?" - I wouldn't change one thing that happened in 1993. God, in his sovereign will, used the events of that year to open my eyes, soften my heart, and bring me to a point of repentance. Eventually leading to me giving my life to Christ.